The Real Problem with Twitter Choosing Hearts over Stars

Twitter realized that people care about what icons look like and are called this week when they decided to change out their Favorites Star in favor over a Like Heart. Twitter users and the collective Internet at large lost their minds over why such an abhorrent act would take place, but nevertheless, hearts are in and stars are out.

Should the average person really care about something as minuscule as the changing of a button? Honestly, probably not, but here we are talking about it so lets point out the real reason why the Internet is right and the change was a horrible idea.

Instead of Twitter having their own labelling and icon for Tom to show that he appreciates Marvin’s thoughts on chili cheese fries, they basically just ripped off Instagram. The photo sharing application owned by Facebook already uses a heart icon and ‘likes’, as does Facebook, which, to a degree, makes it seem like Twitter is trying to play catchup.

I will concede that using the term ‘like’ instead of ‘favorite’ is a sound move because we throw the term around like cranberries in juice drinks in culture so it fits with the nonchalant nature of giving a person a virtual stamp of agreement, but Twitter should have stopped at the name change and left the icon alone. Seeing stars underneath Tweets would bring back feelings of a job well done in elementary school but now when we don’t get a heart we might realize that maybe our thoughts don’t have any.

None of this truly matters though because it’s all about those Retweets.