Training Staff 10 Seconds At A Time


If you listen to a majority of front desk workers/servers/every-other-high-turn-over-rate-job there is apparently “nothing to do” in every city across the entire country.

Who knew.

Overlooking the fact that people living in a place are the biggest critics of that place, the best way to combat this “nothing to do” answer from front line staff is training. Expect, no owner wants to commit to hours of training about attractions, shopping, and events because these are high turnover rate jobs, and no one has time for that. Owners need these employees to be quick and efficient with their job for the incredibly short time they are there.

Cities need to bring in as much tourism money as they possibly can, so a fix is important, but where does it come from?

My solution: Snapchat.

If hotel and restaurant owners can get their staff following the local Destination Marketing Organization on Snapchat, they can get their staff trained on the city 10 seconds at a time. With an engagement rate higher than you will see on any other social media site and the opportunity to take up all of the screen space on a phone, Snapchat is perfect tool for DMOs to help train front line staff.

Show off the new restaurant in town. Have a shop owner talk quickly about the upcoming weekend sale. Give a behind the scenes tour of the local museum.

Of course, this means that the DMO will have to be committed to regularly putting up information that will showoff what a city has to offer. But, the key is to not be too heavy handed with the information. Snapchat is a social platform that is predicated on the organic feeling of bit sized visual messages and a heavy dose of fun. Organizations will need to be creative but not overly produced about what they are posting; besides, it’s going to disappear in 24 hours anyway.