Define Your Own Success

Maya Angelou Success Quote

For the past two weeks I have been in talks with an agency to help start an aggressive advanced targeting plan. Each call the company has asked our group how we would define success. Obviously these individuals wanted to know our criteria so they could make sure their proposal would meet that, but the idea of defining success is incredibly important.

Rarely do individuals take the time to think about what success looks like to them in their day to day lives. By default, since we were young, authority figures have told us what success looks like. 

Winning the game.
An “A” in math class.
Being Prom Queen or King. 

And we never have a real chance to escape being told what success is, even after striking out on our own on a career or college, because the Internet is constantly pushing a certain societal form of success.

House in the suburbs with a lush green yard.
Driving the latest model of car (preferably given to you on Christmas with a giant red bow on top)
Having the corner office with the perfect view.

Are any of the items in either of the above lists wrong? No. What needs to be addressed is that individual success should not be defined by the society, but by the individual themselves. Each person is inherently different with different dreams, goals, and ideal experiences that they should be allowed to seek out without being looked at as a failure.

If you define success as being able to see as much of the world of possible, great. Find opportunities that allow you to do just that.

If being able to come home at 5 o’clock every night so you can be with your family is what success looks like to you; be comfortable with taking the job that allows you to leave on time each day and go home stress free.

Taking control of your definition of success isn’t always going to be easy. The Internet absolutely contributes to people giving in to societal success, but, the last time I checked, the Joneses have been around for a long, long time.

January 1st is fast approaching and the New Year might just be the perfect time for you to figure out what criteria you are going to look at to define your success.