Staying Focused in a Sea of Notifications

No generation boasts more about their ability to multitask than my Millennial brethren. We relish in our perceived mastery of being able to focus on writing,
while singing along to Taylor Swift,
while messaging a friend about tomorrow’s plans,
while the Daily Show plays in the background,
while scrolling through our Instagram feeds.

We will tell you that it’s just the way we work and that it doesn’t hinder our performance, but I have finally realized (aka listened to the research) that we are lying to ourselves.

Now when I bounce around from replying to emails to checking the company Facebook to editing a photo for Instagram to replying to the new email response I finally realize that the task I was initially working on was scribbling down ad copy ideas and I just wasted 15 minutes accomplishing next to nothing and I inevitably made mistakes that will need to be corrected.

Are the the tasks I go back and forth on for 15 minutes all projects that I need to get done that day? Absolutely, but going about it in incremental chunks, allowing myself to be distracted by each sound my phone or computer makes, leads to a state a hurry and panic about there never being enough time even though there is.

So what’s the solution? Unfortunately I don’t have the perfect one yet, but this week I’m going try and grow a forest and intentionally slow down my email response time.