Baristas to Marketers, We All Make a Difference


Deep within us I believe we all want to make a difference with the work we are doing. 

If you are like me then on a regular basis you believe that you aren’t doing enough at your current job to really make a positive impact. I get it. I too look down on my digital marketing position and simply think that my job is to convince people to spend their money in our town instead of another, and on the surface that is my job. However, I couldn’t keep my thoughts in that state otherwise I start day dreaming of a future position where I can make a “real” difference.

Luckily I realized I could change my perspective and I finally saw what I really do: Show people how they could enjoy coming to our town for a few days. When I shifted my focus of the job away from “convincing people to spend money” to “showing people how they could enjoy life” I understood that I was making a small difference in the world and then understood how every other job makes a small difference too.

Zach WoolfComment