Want better SEO? Don't listen to Presidential Candidates

Another installment of the never ending political cycle continued last night with the 4th GOP Presidential debate. With 8 White House hopefuls up on stage in Milwaukee the rhetoric was flying fast and loose, with each person trying to squeeze in as many words as possible, even after their buzzer sounded.

Listening to the candidates can be overwhelming at times partly because they never answer a question head on but mainly due to their constant non sequiturs which veer off on to the topic of guns even though the question was about the debt ceiling.

Essentially Presidential candidates are keyword stuffing all of their answers. They aren’t trying to be helpful or informational while up on stage, they are just trying to fill their time talking with phrases their political team decided would “send them to the top of Google” in exchange for delivering meaningful, on point answers.

And no one wants to read content on your site that follows the same formula.